2012 Lotus Elise S – A Review

2012 Lotus Elise S 2 2012 Lotus Elise S   A Review

2012 Lotus Elise S 10 2012 Lotus Elise S   A Review

The muscular body of Lotus Elise S edition will surely win million hearts of Aussies in twinkling of an eye. It is more aerodynamic and performance based comparing to Elise SC.

This new car will have a wavy compartment in yellowish color. The vehicle is loaded with the most advanced car tune-up tools. The introduction of an energy efficient 1.8 liter engine plus a supercharger will bring the accuracy and flawless in the updation of the vehicle. 250Nm catalytic force is supposed to be generated by the power-train. The automatic transmission, the exhaust system and the other car upgradation tools have been installed into the car for enhancing a better performance. Dynamic Performance Management System is another feature which adds speed, dynamism and uniformity in the overall functionality of the car. The rate of fuel consumption is 7.5 l/100km which is an improvement of 10 percent. The sprinting time of this fuel economic vehicle is 4.6 seconds to cover 100 km/h.

The LED daytime lamps, street nav system, the compact drive-train kit and the infotainment system of the car have been remodeled and upgraded applying the hi-tech tools. The dampers of this car are capable of preventing the road friction by absorbing the shock. The retractable car seats inside the compartment of the car are flexible and comfortable to use and long lasting.


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