2013 Aston Martin DBS Casino Royale by Anderson Germany: the James Bond Car?

Aston Martin DBS Casino Royale 2013 Aston Martin DBS Casino Royale by Anderson Germany: the James Bond Car?

A car influenced from the James Bond movie of the same name? Where could the creators of a car find better inspiration!

The car appears with an upgraded performance level that is to say about 55 extra horsepower (than the standard car) adding up to a total of 572 HP gives the car’s performance level a boost. This improvement comes due to a remapped ECU, not to mention a brand-new exhaust mechanism coupled with replacement pipes, a catalyst and a custom-enabled three-fold sound level thanks to its remote operated rear valve system.

The updated exhaust is 21 kg less weighty than the one on the standard version. It is also brushed up with exterior improvements like the matt gray paint on the body, the window borders turning quite a shiny gray and we must not forget the radiator encasement and the tailgate block. The completely new batch of wheels measuring 21 inches in diameter are wrapped with 255 tires up front and 295 of t hem down at the back.

The brake callipers, the logos are all bronze painted. The tuner at the interior has incorporated the carbon package which includes the door handles, steering wheel, door sills, handbrake handle, centre console, ashtrays, door handles, cup holders and the ventilation. This carbon package is combined with diamond shaped stitching which really contributes to a stunning look of the car.


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