2013 BMW 1-Series 3-door Car – More Fuel Economic

2013 BMW 1 Series 3 door 2013 BMW 1 Series 3 door Car   More Fuel Economic

2013 BMW 1 Series 3 door 2 2013 BMW 1 Series 3 door Car   More Fuel Economic

BMW TwinPower turbo technology has brought a technical revolution in tuning up BMW 1- Series with a 3-door option. This is the sophisticated vehicle which gives the unmixed adventurous driving experience and raw fun to drivers. Both petrol and diesel powered engines are supposed to be introduced to enhance the upgradation of BMW1-Series 2013.

According to experts, this fashionable vehicle will have a premium curb appeal. It will be an aerodynamic car with a lot of technical features. The sportive design of this car is extremely eye-catching and marvelous. BMW M135i model is one of the fuel economic vehicles. It is loaded with an energy efficient V6 power-train. This petrol fed engine is not only durable but also it has the competency to generate sufficient amount of torque to power the wheelbases. The compact technical precision is enhanced in the upgradation of the vehicle. On the other hand, the release of BMW 114i variant is also a remarkable event. It has an eco-friendly V4 power-train which delivers 102 horsepower. BMW M135i and the BMW 114i are under BMW Series-1. You will have to admit that experts have given their best effort to remodel and upgrade vehicles. BMW M135i xDrive car is considered to be the first vehicle which has the four wheel drive mechanism. They are 5 door models. In another report, these cars are basically meant for long trips. The fantastic interior d├ęcor will surely arrest you. You will be overwhelmed to have the snapshots of the wonderful color combination and sophistication of the car design.

The street nav systems of BMW Series-1 model are up to the mark. The four wheels are strong and rimmed with durable tire bands. Drive-train, exhaust systems, carbon diffusers and technically upgraded dynamic air-cooling systems to refresh the air inside the compartment of the car will make the car more ultra-modern and luxurious.


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