2013 Chevrolet Code 130R – Upgraded with Brembo Brakes

2013 Chevrolet Code 130R 2013 Chevrolet Code 130R   Upgraded with Brembo Brakes

2013 Chevrolet Code 130R 2 2013 Chevrolet Code 130R   Upgraded with Brembo Brakes

Chevrolet Code 130R edition is not only a sophisticated eco-friendly car but also does it have the compact driveline package to ensure the trouble free driving on the highway. This fuel economic vehicle has the ultra-modern MacPherson struts, dampers, a power-train, a Tremec six-speed manual transmission and advanced drive-train accessories to update the vehicle. Alpha RWD architectural platform has been borrowed from Cardillac’s ATS variant for the compact upgradation and full technical configuration in a more scientific way. ZF e-mode steering wheel, the energy efficient 1.4 liter capacitated turbo charged engine and the properly designed drive-train attachments are fully competent, durable and result oriented. The rate of carbon emission is almost zero. On the other hand, this new concept car will have 109.3 inches wheelbases which are rimmed with tire bands to check the skid-off tendency. So far so good, experts have been using innovative mechanisms and techniques to bring speed, dimension and accuracy to upgrade the car on the strongest platform.

In a press release, the official spokespersons of the company have pointed out that this sophisticated car will have the aerodynamic facelift. The fluorescent lamp bezels flow back several inches to align the glossy texture of the compartment. Besides, there is no cowl tremor. Nor will there be any structural deformity. In terms of fuel economy, this ultra-light smart car will outperform its rivals. Inside the cockpit of the vehicle, therein lies the compact street nav system. You will find the ergonomic steering wheel which is also easy to operate due to the proper grip-safe feature. The speedometer, an odometer and a tachometer inclusive of street navigation systems will be introduced to manufacture this vehicle.

Brembo brakes accessories control the speed of the car more efficiently. The negative camber of the tire bands is higher comparing to those of predecessors. This type of higher level of negative camber generates the excellent traction to enhance the comfortable street navigation.


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