2013 Holden Colorado Vehicle with DOHC V4 Power-train

2012 Holden Colorado 2013 Holden Colorado Vehicle with DOHC V4 Power train

2012 Holden Colorado 1 2013 Holden Colorado Vehicle with DOHC V4 Power train

2013 Holden Colorado edition is the sophisticated car which will be backfired to the international market. Holden Colorado concept vehicles will be totally upgraded by experts. At a seminar, technical specialists have pointed out that before the sale of this type of smart aerodynamic vehicle to the market, they will try their level best to heighten up the quality and efficiency of the car. In another statement, CEO has told reporters that their upcoming model will have the durable DOHC V4 engine which must be spoon fed with diesel. A 6-speed automatic transmission attachment inside the vehicle will perform excellently to supply the torque coming from the power-train. Besides, as an alternative device, the introduction of a 5-speed manual transmission will be planted into the car. Colorado will generate 110kW at 3800rpm and 350Nm of torque from 2000rpm. The fuel economic rate will be good as extra preparations have been made to accelerate the efficiency in preventing the loss of fuel. The towing capacity of the vehicle is 3.5 tons to upgrade a 2.5 liter model with 3.0 tons to be fitted to 2.5 liter capacitated power-plant.

This upcoming vehicle will have USB, iPOd interface, audio-visual system, an odometer, a tachometer and a speedometer. Inside the cockpit of the car, you will find a decorated dash which is also durable. Powered windows, two extra power outlets and retractable car seats have been chosen for the enhancement of the upgradation of the car. Safety air bags are also present in this car. Vehicle parking sensors will also be available in this newly built car. The tire bands of this futuristic car will be light in weight and flexible to operate. These tire bands are made of durable rubber. There are other car upgradation accessories like a drive-train kit, sophisticated street nav systems, and the ultra-modern fluorescent lamp bezels. Its curb appeal will be really impressive and charming.


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