2013 Mercedes Antos Debut in September

2013 Mercedes Antos 2013 Mercedes Antos Debut in September

Before participating into Commercial Vehicle IAA which will take place in September, Antos 2013 will be found in web pages in the forms of still snapshots and images. Antos will be beautifully decorated. There will be a solid compartment which has the magnificent exterior design. Due to wonderful color combination, this vehicle will be presentable to people coming from different berths of the society.

This sophisticated car is 2.3 meters in width. It will be available in the market in short and medium shapes. The wide center console is also an important car upgradation tool which has been chosen after an extensive research. This boxy vehicle will have 13 engines for the selection. You can choose your favorite powertrain from the list of 13 different power-plants. However on an average basis, there will be 238 PS (175 kW / 235 hp) to 510 PS (375 kW / 503 hp) which will be offered by these eco-friendly engines.

A PowerShift transmission attachment will also be planted into the vehicle. This car is under construction and in September experts will release a one-off luxurious vehicle for hands-on demonstration. The spacious compartment is conducive to people for traveling comfortably. The new vehicle design will surely attract modern people.


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