2013 Rimac Concept One for $980,000

2013 Rimac Concept One 2013 Rimac Concept One for $980,000

Rimac is a Croatian automaker which has earned lot of reputation and goodwill due to the production of energy efficient vehicles. This type of car comes handy to economical persons. Rimac is the Croatian car manufacturing company which is supposed to release a number of fuel-economic battery powered cars in the domestic market. Maybe by the end of this year, the deal will be finalized.

Meanwhile, Rimac has already tuned up a concept one-off car model which has been backfired to Top Marques for the public show. A team of experienced engineers did a short term hands-on demo to guide viewers how to operate this car on e-mode. At an initial stage, the battery powered car will be available for $980,000.

The hi-tech driveline accessories will be introduced to enhance the compact upgradation of the vehicle. Ultra Vorti tire bands will be used to make the car sexy and smart. There are other features which include the durable drive-train kit, an automatic transmission, the exhaust system, and the dampers to check the overflow of shock via absorption. This is the vehicle which looks dashing due to the glossy aerodynamic structure. The interior space of this vehicle has undergone a radical change. There are durable and transparent glass windows and windshields. Wipers erase the rain drops. The compartment of the car has been equipped with retractable car squads, upholsters, sun visors, an ergonomic steering wheel, the sun visors, rear view reflectors and the odometer to measure the distance covered by this vehicle. The superb drive train kit generates 1088 PS (800 kW / 1074 hp) and 3800 Nm (2802 lb-ft) of torque. There are a number of sophisticated devices. For instance the electronic infotainment system is workable and in an excellent condition. Inside the fuselage of the car, you will come into contact with the properly designed squads, an air spoiler and a tachometer. You will also find a binnacle on the dash. The non retractable quarter glass slide screens will be used to tune up the vehicle to increase the glow and glamour of the vehicle.


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