2013 Seat Mii-FR Concept – Energy Efficient and Eco-friendly

2013 Seat Mii FR Concept 2013 Seat Mii FR Concept   Energy Efficient and Eco friendly

When Mii City car was released to the market, people didn’t show their excessive fondness and likelihood to buy this vehicle. That’s why, the company has made it mandatory to bring a massive breakthrough in the updation of the futuristic car upgradation plans to wipe out the previous technical drawbacks. The previous model suffered from short of inner space and lack of luster. Understanding the demands of general car owners, experts have decided to launch fully upgraded new Seat Mii-FR concept model which is stylish, smart and of course spacious. The aerodynamic compartment will attract teens. There is enough space just inside the compartment of the car for the safekeeping of passengers.

The new car will have a Tornado Red Livery. To enhance the structural beauty of the car, the usage of black accents in redefining the curb appeal of this vehicle is really unique. The gripe-safe steering wheel with a flat bottom surface is easy to deal with. Furthermore, the dash is highly decorated in color and logo.

FR-Line has been embossed/printed on the texture of the dashboard. In terms of proper exterior design, the overall aesthete of this smart eco-friendly car is inexplicable. At the same time, experts have taken care of the proper upgradation of the drive-train attachment to increase the speed, accuracy and swiftness of the vehicle.


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