2015 Ford Mustang – Hope for the Best

2015 Ford Mustang 2015 Ford Mustang – Hope for the Best

Out of all the muscle cars (America) popular in the world market, the Mustang is the most favored, as well as, longest lived. However, Ford Motor Company is planning to bring about certain vivid changes in the upcoming generation of Mustang. The design of the car will be sportier and sleeker, as compared to its previous generations. Moreover, this model is basically manufactured for the buyers of the States, till date. However, speculations are there that the upcoming generation of this muscle car is likely to be a world car. As far as, the most attractive features of this car, short deck along with the long hood are concerned, they would remain, as they are.

Did you remember the Evos Concept that came into sight, last year at the famous Frankfurt Motor Show? Well, in order to remind you…it showcased the curvier glance of the next generation of this car.

When it comes to the engine of this muscle car, most probably, it will remain the same 5.0-liter V8 as the existing model. However, the V6 feature may have to bid goodbye for making way for turbocharged 4-cylinder option for increased driving dynamics.

So, all Mustang lovers should keep their eyes at the 2014 New York Auto.

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