Aston Martin Still Hopes to Revive Lagonda Concept Upgradation Project

2013 Aston Martin Lagonda Concept Aston Martin Still Hopes to Revive Lagonda Concept Upgradation Project

Aston Martin tried to re-launch technical upgradation programs to modify/tune up Lagonda way back to 2009. However, much to surprise, the project stood cancelled. There are several reasons for the cancellation of this growth-oriented car tune-up projects. For instance, after starting the new project to upgrade Lagonda vehicle, the company didn’t get any response from different headquarters. It stood to reason, the company decided to get switchover from the current project to other futuristic programs. The introduction of sports utility vehicle or SUV and sedan has been finalized by the management of the company. At the same time, Ulrich Bez who is believed to be the boss of the company has admitted that the chance of revival of Lagonda upgradation project has not been dried up till now.

Simultaneously, concentration is being given on the modification of sedan and sports utility vehicle. According to Bez, the company is also trying to launch DBS supercar within few months. There is no specific information about the fixation of the date of premier show to exhibit the model.

Aston Martin is one of the world famous automakers and it has got appreciation from experts.Now, this reputable company will have to prove once more how competently it can produce futuristic sedan cars.

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