Dacia Decided to Release 2013 Dokker and Dokker MPV Vans

2013 Dacia Dokker Dacia Decided to Release 2013 Dokker and Dokker MPV Vans

Dacia has announced that it has released Dokker and Dokker MPVs for the participation into Casablanca motor show. These two vans are undoubtedly spacious, light weight and colorful. There are other vans in the market. However, Dacia vans are much more energy efficient, durable, swift and capable of taking excess load.

Dokker is the van which gives accommodation to five passengers. On the other hand, Dokker MPVs are meant for four passengers. According to experts, both editions will have either single or double slide door options. Now, if you look at the snapshots of these two variants, you will come to know all about the shape, design and color contrasts of the vehicles. The interior layout of these two spacious vans is attractive.

Drive-train accessories, dampers, exhaust systems, and street navigation tools are supposed to be installed to remodel the cars. Though these vans are spacious, the cowl shake in the front cockpits is negligible. The drag-in engine co-efficiency rates of these two models are low. The automatic transmission tools, dampers and upgraded driveline devices have been given a special significance to engineer vehicles. The aesthetic appeals of these two vans are good. The hit-tech climate checking devices have also been shortlisted to upgrade these two vans. Tire bands, fenders, axle bars, air inlets, trapezoidal grilles and headlamp bezels of these two models have been properly installed to complete the compact tune-up process.


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