Mitsuoka presents the Third Generation of its 2013 Retro-fused Viewt

2013 Mitsuoka Viewt Mitsuoka presents the Third Generation of its 2013 Retro fused Viewt

Over the last two decades, the Japanese company Mitsuoka masters the manufacturing of eccentrically designed cars. This time they present the Viewt which is a sedan model, small in size and is based on the model Nissan Micra. The vehicle features the look of a smaller Mark 2 Jaguar of the 1960s. This car is promised to be unique in its design and look, and is supposed to mark a trend in the present automotive industry.

The third generation Viewt presented by Mitsuoka is just launched in May 2012. Externally, the Viewt MK3 resembles some features of the previous models. As examples it can be seen that the mirrors and the door handles are identical to that of Nissan Micra. The Nissan Micra was launched way back in 2010.

Internally, the sedan has a far more improved and finer version of Micra’s controls and also the dashboard. All these are quite updated though. Mitsuoka has also attempted to make the inner cabin even more eccentric. By using advanced leather qualities in the seat covers, panels on the door and on the cowl of the dashboard, the sedan has been given a more luxurious look. Use of fancier wooden trims has multiplied the sobriety of the car.

The Viewt MK3 comes with Nissan’s exclusive and powerful 78Hp/79Ps four-cylinder gas engine. The capacity of the engine is 1.2 litre and is connected to a CVT that assists in driving the front or on choice all wheels via an AWD mechanism.

The price of this exclusive sedan ranges from 2,050,000 – 2,725,000 Yen in Japan’s market. Price in US is $25,800 – $34,300 whereas in Britain the price ranges between €20,500-€27,300. Then why wait longer ? Any keen driver who wishes to enjoy the luxury and comfort of a small car must possess this sedan as an asset, and that is what the

Mitsuoka guys cross their fingers for.


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