The powerfully Built 2013 BMW 750Li

BMW 750Li 2013 The powerfully Built 2013 BMW 750Li

BMW 750Li 2013 2 The powerfully Built 2013 BMW 750Li

The BMW 750Li sedan offers all the magnificent attributes as displayed by the 7 Series range. This car also resembles the fine high class design and comfort of the series, have all the facilities that a sedan of the same series is endowed with. It can be rather said as the master of the series. Apart from that the improved eight-speed V8 petrol engine will be making its first appearance underneath this particular model. The eight-cylinder engine of 4.395 cc assures it to be extremely smooth and high ended power delivery.

The improved high pressure straight injection and lessened charge loss guarantees a high level performance than the former models of the series. The fuel consumptions and emissions are also much reduced. In the recent development stage, the engine gives a high output of 330 kW of energy or 450 hp. Together with the automatic transmission of the eight speed engine, the BMW 750Li growls upto 100kms/hr simply within 4.8 seconds and reaches its top speed of 250km/hr at ease. The engine displays better performance along with improved efficiency and with a total fuel consumption of 8.6 litres every 100 kms. The CO2 emission reported at 199gm every km, helps the sedan to overpower its less efficient predecessors distinctly by 25%. The BMW 750i has a powerful variant of 4 litres, for its engine that offers 330kW/408 hp. Thus it can be said that being an inclusion in the 7 Series launched by BMW, the model 750Li proves to be the best of the lot. Along with the magnificent attributes of the 7 Series the sedan presents itself to be the most desired. Offering driving comfort and ease, it also ensures maximum on-road safety, keeping up with the BMW promise.


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