Toyota to Have Released 2013 Pixis Epoch in Japan

2013 Toyota Pixis Epoch Toyota to Have Released 2013 Pixis Epoch in Japan

Toyota is not a new company. It has the brilliant performance record. Pixis Epoch is the updated car launched by Toyota. In this car, you will find an energy efficient 600cc power-train which is more functional than those of predecessors in its segment.

The overall shape of Epoch is 3395mm long, 1475mm wide and 1500mm tall. The eco-friendly engine generates 52PS and 60 NM torque. According to critics, this mini car has not a high class interior décor. This small fuel economic vehicle is equipped with several aerodynamic tools but in terms of interior decoration, this vehicle is not attractive. On the other hand, experts of Toyota retaliate by claiming that there is sufficient room inside the compartment of the car for good accommodation. That means, four passengers will sit comfortably inside the vehicle. Besides, the color contrast is excellent and eye-catching.

The price of this new vehicle is 795,000 yen. After the introduction of this car to Japanese domestic market, consumers show their proclivity to buy these aerodynamic mini vehicles which don’t spew huge amount of carbon in the air. The street nav systems of this vehicle are up to the mark. The standard lighting fixture and properly fitted wagon station attached to the car cabin are sophisticated and durable.


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