2013 Dacia Duster – Cheapest SUV at £8,995 OTR for UK Citizens

2013 Dacia Duster 2013 Dacia Duster   Cheapest SUV at £8,995 OTR for UK Citizens

2013 Dacia Duster 2 2013 Dacia Duster   Cheapest SUV at £8,995 OTR for UK Citizens

Dacia Duster will be a cost effective vehicle with an energy-efficient drive-train kit. After participating into the international auto exhibition, the first set of doppelgangers will be gifted to people. The initial price of this vehicle is £8,995 OTR.

At a conference, CEO of Duster stated that India would be the destination for promoting this car model. Besides, the Romanian car manufacturing unit will deliver newly built aerodynamic car models for the UK market. Experts have made it clear that the whole car upgradation will be completed fantastically keeping in touch with ultra-modern concepts. Renault Group engines and the right hand driveline kit will be introduced to upgrade the vehicle. A 1.6 liter petrol fed engine supplies 104hp. The 5-speed manual gearbox will deliver 39.8mpg in the UK. Two Renault Group power-plants will emit 165g/km and 185g/km carbon respectively. The new car will be more glamorous and beautiful. On the other hand, experts have put their 100 percent energy to upgrade the car using the superb technical skill and innovative car design.

A 1.5 liter dCi turbo charged diesel engine will generate 108 hp. The total fuel economy of the vehicle is 56.5mpg. The five door car model is spacious as it provides lot of space for heaving sigh of relief. You can breathe the fresh breathable air to boost up your mind while keeping glued to the car seats. 16 inch steel made wheelbases, roof bars, electric powered front doors, four air bags, ergonomic steering wheel and ISOFIX with central locking systems have given a new exposure under the influence of modern technology.

Dacia will be a light weight vehicle. It will be dynamic in design. You can’t deny the curb appeal and the superb interior decoration. This is the vehicle which performs excellently to make it more energy-efficient. The street nav system of the car has been developed by introducing new tools to enhance the compact street navigation program.


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