2013 Ferrari FF by Novitec Rosso with a Full Upgraded Power-train

2013 Ferrari FF by Novitec Rosso 2013 Ferrari FF by Novitec Rosso with a Full Upgraded Power train

2013 Ferrari FF by Novitec Rosso 2 2013 Ferrari FF by Novitec Rosso with a Full Upgraded Power train

Novitec Rosso has declared so far that soon newly upgraded four wheel drive Ferrari FF models will be gifted to consumers. These new cars are supposed to be fuel economic, energy efficient and beautifully tuned up to increase speed, and enhance the structural elegance of this sleek vehicle.

The major breakthrough in the car design will be taken care of by a team of extremely qualified engineers. FF models will have wonderful curb appeal and there will be hi-tech street navigation system to upgrade the vehicle in a more scientific way. Thin carbon fiber has been used to decorate roof structure, air spoiler at the rear side, and a carbon diffuser. The cost effective carbon fiber aero kit is extremely advantageous to car tuners to upgrade the vehicle in a more dynamic way. Pirelli PZero tire bands are durable, and properly fixed to the base platform of the vehicle. A V12 power-train keeps intact under the car bonnet. It has been upgraded to improve the torque generating process. A surplus 42 hp has been rolled over to the total amount of torque to power both front and rear wheelbases.

Side skirts, exterior slide mirrors, roof cladding, grilles and tailboard lamps have been also modified for better outcome. The powerful light will come out of fluorescent lamp bezels which flow back couple of inches to make a perfect alignment with the surface of the front part of the cockpit. A 6.3 liter capacitated V12 powertrain produces 702 hp at the rate of 8200 rpm. The weather resistant exhaust system which is made of steel to increase the level of durability. The compartment fabrication and designing process will be done with perfection. According to experts, the maximum speed of this vehicle is 340 km per hour. This new model will be light in weight with a superb street monitoring attachment to help drivers to drive cars more comfortably.


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