2013 Ford Escape – A Fantastic Eco-friendly Car

Ford Escape 2013 21 2013 Ford Escape   A Fantastic Eco friendly Car

Ford Escape 2013 41 2013 Ford Escape   A Fantastic Eco friendly Car

Modern car aficionados are showing their eagerness to choose cute and beautiful cars which inspire drivers to drive with pleasure. Ford Escape is a sports utility vehicle. Its dashing curb appeal and superb interior design of the car must be pointed out specially.

For the last few months, a massive change has been taking place to emulsify this sports utility vehicle by introducing the most energy-efficient car accessories. The sleeker exterior designs of the vehicles are eye-catching and attractive. Ford Escape car compartment is spacious and fully upgraded to facilitate people for enjoying the car trips. In the front part of the compartment, you will find 68.1 cubic feet of inner surface for easy accommodation. However in the rear portion of the car, you will find 34.3 feet in the second row of the compartment for helping passengers to sit on the retractable seats comfortably.

For the sake of car travelers, experts have decided to bring changes to the decoration of the squads inside the compartment of the vehicle. Door armrests in the car compartment are durable, soft to touch and much more ergonomic. Deep leather coverage to insulate armrests is long lasting and eye-catching in color contrasts. Upper roles on side doors, a sophisticated instrument panel and sun visors have been redesigned using the modern techniques. The introduction of EcoBoost engines to tune up this smart car will be conducted by experts to make it more fuel economic. The overall efficiency of the car to generate torque is good and therefore this vehicle has the capability to run faster without breaking noise. In this car, you will find the highly upgraded SYNC plus MyFord Touch tools to enhance the compact street navigation process. The color contrasts of the car are marvelous. Charcoal black hue to paint the car is impressive and you will also get the chances to choose your favorite color shades from the list. Oxford white colored outer hull of the compartment must make you happier to drive the car.


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