2013 Ford Fusion – A Tech Spec Report

2013 Ford Fusion 1 2013 Ford Fusion   A Tech Spec Report

2013 Ford Fusion 10 2013 Ford Fusion   A Tech Spec Report

Ford Fusion is an expressive aerodynamic vehicle which looks dashing and more brilliant. This sedan vehicle has the both gasoline and hybrid inclusive of plug-in hybrid power-plants. Each engine is fuel economic. The sleek car will be more gorgeous and highly decorated.

In a public seminar, experts of Ford have stated that this new vehicle is much more beautiful than Fiesta and 2012 Focus mini-cars. Derrick who is believed to be the honorable president of Global Product Development has claimed that Ford Fusion will be the unique model with excellent street navigation systems. It is one of the best vehicles to outperform other sedan cars in its segment. The installation of the hi-tech hybrid engine is more favorable and conducive to proper fuel efficiency, Eco-Boost V4 engines are multi-functional and performance based. The automatic start-up/off systems are also excellent. A 1.6 liter capacitated EcoBoost power-train generates sufficient torque to activate the rear wheelbases of the car. So far so good, the fuel economic rate is 26mpg in the city with 37mpg for highway. A SelectShift Automaticâ„¢ transmission tool is available with a 2.0 liter EcoBoost engine. 19 inch wheelbases and tire bands are durable and properly fixed to the base platform of the car.

The future generation Fusion 1.6 liter engine has the automatic transmission to supply the torque coming from the engine to power wheelbases of the vehicle. The automatic start and stop methods are much more appreciable due to the efficiency to regulate the supply of power to the engine. This type of hi-tech power regulating feature is a new addition to Ford Fusion.

This upgraded vehicle is equipped with SYNC communication accessories and full-fledged infotainment systems. The car is decorated with sophisticated mobile phone adapters. Besides, there are an odometer, a tachometer and climate checking tools tune up the vehicle. MyFord Touch interface is an upgraded voice generating tool to direct the driver for better navigation in the street. It commands the driver to steer the wheels of the car properly to avoid mishap and accidents.


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