2013 Mazda Flairwagon – Facsimile of Suzuki Palette

2013 Mazda Flairwagon 2013 Mazda Flairwagon   Facsimile of Suzuki Palette

2013 Mazda Flairwagon 2 2013 Mazda Flairwagon   Facsimile of Suzuki Palette

Mazda has taken an important task for implementation by rebadging the upcoming model. The necessity of opting for rebadge option lies in the usage of same Mazda logos to Christianize Suzuki and Mazda models. However, Flairwagon is the rebadged vehicle/edition of Suzuki Palette micro van.

The Flairwagon is a light weighted vehicle with a rear slide door option. The boxy compartment produces adequate space for passengers who can sit and enjoy trips comfortably. The compartment is also equipped with air flap lid, and the air inlets to ensure the smooth entry of breathable air to remove the stinking smell and suffocation,

The micro miniature vehicle has the well built compartment which is long lasting and resistant to rough weather condition. All wheel drive system has been opted for to decorate this vehicle. In addition, a 660cc petrol based engine has been selected to enhance the proper supply of torque and horse power. The automatic transmission tool is the hi-tech device to transfer torque from engine to the rear wheels of the car.

The cool color contrast, the eco-friendly drive-train and the compact street nav system will be introduced to finish the tune-up program more competently. Mazda has stated that this micro van will have a long term service warranty and a car maintenance kit delivered on request.


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