2013 Nissan Pixo with a Compact Drive-train Kit

2013 Nissan Pixo 2013 Nissan Pixo with a Compact Drive train Kit

Pixo is a smart car which has been backfired to convince the UK nationals. In a press release, Nissan has strongly recommended Pixo portable car which looks sexy and more charismatic comparing to conventional fastback cars.

The technical specifications of this vehicle include the sophisticated drive-train kit, an automatic transmission, an exhaust system and other technical upgradation tools to tune up Pixo model on a hi-tech platform. This time, the level of carbon emission is extremely low to make the car fitted to different environments. The beauty of this aerodynamic vehicle is eye-catching and more glamorous.

2012 Pixo is meant for a stylish dude who can enjoy weekend evening by driving his dream car. On the other hand, the color contrasts have been made more revolutionary by introducing new color shades to paint glove box and consoles. Instead of applying jet black color, experts have used grey hue to paint consoles and the glove-box. The sophistication in designing the interior space of the compartment of the car is also enhanced by installing electronic auto-dimming rear view glass mirrors to make it more comfortable for drivers to keep the track of running vehicles.

The company has already declared the price tags for Visia and N-Tec five door vehicle of the same segment of Pixo. Prices are £7,250 for the Visia and £8,250 for ‘N-Tec’ five-door model. Pixo is also eco-friendly and fuel economic. Its efficiency to take passengers to destinations is good and remarkable. This small light-weight car is really magnificent in terms of curb appeal and interior décor.

The dampers of this vehicle have been improved by using the modern technology. These shock absorbers are capable of checking and preventing the road friction to enhance the stability, dynamism and durability of the car. This car is spacious and of course multi-functional. There is also tax benefit option to buy Pixo. A purchaser is not liable to bear London congestion fees.

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