2013 Renault Master Van Range to Be Landed Soon in Market

2013 Renault Master Van Range 2013 Renault Master Van Range to Be Landed Soon in Market

The colorful snapshots of fuel economic Master van of Renault show some changes in the design, style and color contrast. The boxy vehicle has been painted in a majestic black color. This French company has brought a massive breakthrough in upgrading both exterior and interior designs of the vehicle.

Master van has been updated by installing a 2.3 liter V4 turbo-engine which is fueled by diesel. This power-train generates 100, 125 and 150 hp. The rate of fuel expense has been cut to size to 0.6 liter per 100 km with the carbon emission rate going down to 16g/km.

The compact technical specification has been done with care. New in-car devices have been installed to revive the lost glamour of the vehicle. Highly sophisticated climate checking attachment has been selected for enhancing the interior d├ęcor. In addition, the drive-train kit has gone through a radical change. Audio system plus Bluetooth and USB interface of the car have been upgraded fully to enhance the perfect technical updation for the sake of the proper tune-up of the mini-van. Dampers are capable of checking the friction by collecting shock. A newly built smart phone dock has been handpicked to make the vehicle more fashionable, ultra-modern and energy-efficient. The old twin-wheel attachment of the mini-van has been improved a lot by using the innovative a tune-up mechanism and tools.


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