2013 SpeedART SP81-R based on Porsche Boxster Reveals Itself

2013 speedART SP81 R 2013 SpeedART SP81 R based on Porsche Boxster Reveals Itself

SpeedART has launched its unique SP81 – R, this summer. The car designed mostly based on the Porsche Boxster attributes a body kit endowed with the aerodynamics technology. It consists a spoiler on the front, displays revised skirts on the sides, a diffuser at the rear end and a clearly distinct wing. If one desires, the car can also be smartened up with 20-21 inches LSC forged wheels made up of improved alloys.

The pictures of the interior have not been revealed yet. But the internal cabin has the option to be outfitted with leather varieties and Alcantra upholsters.

To improve the performance of the car, the tuner is equipped with sporty exhaust mechanisms and an advanced ECU that makes the Boxter and the Boxster S able enough to generate an extra 20PS or 15kw/20hp and 20Nm of torque.

This particular model can also be enabled with a number of sport suspensions along with an airlift suspension. This increases the car’s ride height when it crosses speed breakers and speed bumps. This definitely makes the car seem powerful and aggressive while on road. The smart features enabled in the car makes it a new generation sedan.


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