Ford Releases 2013 F-150 SVT Raptor with Minor Updates

2013 Ford F 150 SVT Raptor 1 Ford Releases 2013 F 150 SVT Raptor with Minor Updates

Ford has no longer tried to hush up the interesting report about the futuristic car upgradation plans to revive conventional models by way of opting for superb ultra-modern technical innovation and proper configuration to make the car more hi-tech and result oriented

This new car will have the full durable compartment with a sophisticated street nav system. However, to top it all, right now this car has been given a new facelift by bringing a number of prominent changes both in curb appeal and technical upgradation.

Instead of choosing conventional rings to design tire bands, there will be newly upgraded bead lock system to increase the traction level. Bead lock system is an advantage which prevents the skidding-off tendency of the tire bands from the wheelbases in the event of deflation or any leakage in the hard texture of the tire band.

The modern fashionable car is also equipped with an energy-efficient 6.2 litter capacitated V8 power-train which generates 411hp and 434 pound feet torque. A 6-speed electronic transmission tool has been installed to ensure the proper supply of catalytic force from engine to the car wheels for the activation,

The color contrasts are naturally attractive. The desert camouflage color has made the car more dashing and stylish. There is excellent warranty scheme on the new model. At the same time, the automaker has taken another wonderful task to revive the aesthetic luster and elegance of the new car model. SYNC infotainment system is really powerful and capable of offering sweet musical tune. The interior d├ęcor items are all in high quality. The glass screens, retractable car seats and leather upholsters have been chosen with perfection to make the car all-in-all. Viewers will be pleased to see the car due to its dazzling cosmetic make-up and wonderful color matching. This ultra-modern car is also environment friendly.


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