SsangYong Releases New Lower Priced Korando 4×4 Model in Britain

SsangYong Korando 4x4 Model SsangYong Releases New Lower Priced Korando 4x4 Model in Britain

SsangYong has got 4th rank in Korean automobile industry. This automaker has achieved terrific success because of the fulfillment of the dreams of Korean consumers by gifting the sleek cars with aerodynamic features. Korando SX 4×4 has been manufactured by this famous Korean company. Its energy efficiency, fuel economy and exterior designs are strongly noticeable.

Korando SX 4×4 model has the 2.0 liter V4 turbo diesel fed engine which delivers 147hp at the rate of 4000rpm. 360 NM torque is generated by this durable engine. The updated 6-speed manual transmission tool has been reformatted by adding more features which are conducive to the upgradation of the vehicle.

The initial price of this car is £18,795 in the UK. It will be low priced vehicle. However, on the other hand, upcoming all-wheel drive car of Korando line-up will have 45.6 mpg UK (6.2lt/100km) with CO2 emissions of 157g/km. New car will have retractable car seats, an odometer, the speedometer, a tachometer, street nav systems, climate checking accessories, a dash, glass windows, expandable sun visors, rear view reflectors and the wipers to enhance the compact car upgradation. Rear parking sensor devices have been chosen to make the car more sophisticated in terms of functionalities, designs and performance. The compartment of this vehicle is spacious and passengers will be happy to enjoy car trips. Powerful fluorescent light is eye soothing and capable of releasing cool bright light to help street navigators at night.

The four wheelbases of the car have been wrapped with tire bands which provide excellent traction. The skid-off tendency of these tires is almost zero. There are other salient features like compact drive-train kit, the advanced lighting fixture and fully upgraded glossy exterior décor. The interior decoration of the car has been enhanced by putting the full effort to utilize the modern designs. This car will be a real competitor in the international market.


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