Toystory: Toyota Unveils 2013 Camatte Concept Car

Toyota Camatte Concept Car Toystory: Toyota Unveils 2013 Camatte Concept Car

Toyota Camatte Concept Car 1 Toystory: Toyota Unveils 2013 Camatte Concept Car

The International Tokyo Toy Show was recently hosted in the capital city of Japan and Toyota did not let the opportunity go by idly. They took the wrappers off their Cmatt concept car, which can be driven by kids. These cars give both the parents and the children a chance to revel in the fun of driving and provide the opportunity to let customization of cars and car enthusiasm become a family activity and experience. This also supports the children’s development as good future drivers.

To evoke an interest in children about the making of a car, it comes in an extremely lucid body structure. Along with the purposefully toy-like look and completely customizable outside body, the Camatte has removable and easily installable body parts. Having been released in two separate styles, viz. Sor and Daichi, a decent range of body panels coming in several hues and shapes are available to give a one-of-a-kind exterior to each car.

Inside, there is a close-fitting triangle-shaped seating permutation: the driver up front and the two back seats with the driver positioned centrally. The nearness of the seats help the kids and parents communicate well and also makes it possible for the grown-up to help the child to steer and brake the car.

Toyota adds a footnote cautioning parents that their children should only drive the car at places which are not open for public, for instance go-kart tracks.


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