Vauxhall to Release 2013 Mokka Tech Line

2013 Vauxhall Mokka Vauxhall to Release 2013 Mokka Tech Line

Vauxhall has made a brief official statement published in e-journal. It has stated that with the proper upgradation of Mokka sub compact sports utility vehicle, it is now the proper time to concentrate on the production of Tech Line. This new car will have a magnificent cosmetic make-up to revive the luster, glamour and curb appeal of the car.

There will be three power-trains which are supposed to be introduced to the cars for better outcome in the long run. In another statement, the CEO of the company has predicted that this time a group of technical engineers have been given liberty to do trials to test efficiency of the new vehicles before its release in the commercial market.

All the three power-plants of the car have been modified utilizing the hi-tech tools to redefine the car upgradation program. For instance, there is the provision for the installation of energy-efficient 1.6 liter petrol fed power-train to enhance the smooth production of torque to power the car wheels. On the other hand, you will find other two engines which are 1.4 and 1.7 liter capacitated to generate 138 and 128 hp respectively. A 1.6 liter petrol fueled engine has the capability to produce 113hp to make the care more dashing and functional to run smoothly on highways.

Mocha Tech Line will arrive in the market most probably in November. That’s why; the company has been taking special preparations to design the car properly to make it more attractive. The durability of the power-train is longer. The interior décor accessories are up to the mark. Technical tune-up process has been conducted with brilliance. The lighting fixtures of the car have been modified and restructured. The fluorescent lamp bezels are light in weight and perfectly aligned with the texture of the compartment of the car. There is enough space inside the rear wagon station to keep goods in safe.


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