1967 Shelby Mustang GT – Remake to Be Done

Shelby GT500CR Convertible 1967 Shelby Mustang GT   Remake to Be Done

Shelby GT500CR Convertible 6 1967 Shelby Mustang GT   Remake to Be Done

In automobile industry, the rebirth and re-incarnation take place frequently. If you check the previous black and white snapshots of Shelby Mustang GT back to 1967, you will be surprised to learn that the soul has been transferred to new body through incarnation. That means, you will have to taste old wine in a new bottle.

Classic Recreations has shrugged off all the risks and confusions. It has made an official declaration stating that newly upgraded Mustang GT will be backfired to domestic market. Classic is one of the car manufacturers. The remake of old baby will be done blending the sophisticated technology and classic car design to make the car more elegant and presentable to people.

There are two models of this remake model like 545 and GT 500 CR variants. The 7,0 liter power generating unit is able to produce 545 horse power. The introduction of 5-speed Tremec transmission tool is also a major event to upgrade the vehicle perfectly. 17 inch rear wheelbases are durable.

G.T.500CR 900S is equipped with an updated F1-R Intercooled ProCharger engine. It generates 780 hp to activate wheels of the car. Racing style car squads, a 200 mph speedometer have been chosen to upgrade the car more fantastically.


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