2013 ABT AS7 tunning kit for Audi S7 Sportback

2013 ABT AS7 1 2013 ABT AS7 tunning kit for Audi S7 Sportback

Audi S7 Sportback will be tuned up again to make it a gift of God. This car will be more charismatic, beautiful and eco-friendly. Abt Sportsline has taken the vow to design the car using the most sophisticated tools,

Abt Sportsline has earned appreciation by tuning up cars of VW and Audi. Now in an official statement, the company’s secretary has expressed that the efficiency of torque generating will be higher comparing to that of the old model. The expected horse power will be 520 HP and torque is supposed to be 650 Nm. However, none has confirmed specifically how to reach the targeted level of torque and horse power. In spite of getting no constructive information supporting the demand, it is clear that the torque will be increased via the upgradation of ECU system along with the possible modification of exhaust system and air take devices. TFSI twin-turbo V8 will be properly upgraded to bring speed and swiftness to the car.

However, experts have revealed few interesting facts about the model. At a conference, one of the engineers has told reporters that the rate of carbon release will be down dramatically due to the insertion of more eco-friendly exhaust plus carbon diffuser attachments. The new car will have solid compartment which provides the sufficient space for comfortable road trips. The frontal part of the car compartment is decorated with grilles, and headlamp bezels. The rooftop air spoiler unit always brings fresh air to detoxify the interior space of the compartment.

The negative camber of the vehicle is higher. The engine drag-in co-efficiency rate is low. There is the least cowl shake in the compartment. This sophisticated vehicle has also the compact street monitoring tool. The curb appeal of this vehicle is magnificent and appealing. The drive-train kit of the car is result oriented and energy efficient.


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