2013 Audi TT Coupe S Line Competition – More Energy Efficient and Eco-friendly

2013 Audi TT Coupe S Line Competition 2013 Audi TT Coupe S Line Competition   More Energy Efficient and Eco friendly

2013 Audi TT Coupe S Line Competition 1 2013 Audi TT Coupe S Line Competition   More Energy Efficient and Eco friendly

Audi is not a new car maker. It has shined bright to capture the global market by releasing many cost effective vehicles. However, at present, without making any mistake, this company has had obtained a new project to change the format of product promotion. The management has decided to release first hand TT Coupe/ S Line Competition car models. This type of vehicle is really fashionable and energy efficient. You must be well informed of the technical upgradation of this vehicle.

A number of engines with different calibers have been chosen for enhancing the car upgradation. For example, a 1.8 liter TFSI has been upgraded to generate 158 hp. It is good for teens to handle with such an eco-friendly power-train. However, Audi is not satisfied only releasing just a single engine. It has also chosen 2.0 liter TFSI with the 208hp capability. In addition, the introduction of a 2.0 liter capacitated TDI diesel fed engine with 168 hp generating capability has been done with the purpose of increasing the efficiency level of this car. Three engines have passed through several tests.

According to experts, this new car will be found in European market at the pre-fixed price range €4,300. For the USA domestic market, the cost of the vehicle has not been decided. Audi is one of the best companies to produce only light weight vehicles. S Line exterior decoration package is naturally more user-friendly as experts have prioritized the usage of the sophisticated devices to increase the glamour and structural charisma.

More interesting information is under the desk. You will have to go through the reviews and final statements given by CEO of Audi. He has claimed that 4 extraordinary color shades have been chosen for painting the vehicles. These four color shades are metallic Samoa Orange, Misano Red, Daytona Gray and Glacier white. Finally, Alcantara leather upholsters have been used to design the car seats inside the compartment of this new vehicle.


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