2013 BMW V8-Powered GT-21 Invictus Sports Car to Be Gifted Soon

Aspid GT 21 Invictus Sports Car 2 2013 BMW V8 Powered GT 21 Invictus Sports Car to Be Gifted Soon

Aspid GT 21 Invictus Sports Car 4 2013 BMW V8 Powered GT 21 Invictus Sports Car to Be Gifted Soon

Aspid Cars is undoubtedly Spanish automaker which has flashed a set of new snapshots of GT-21 Invictus models. The company has made it clear that experts have done a wonderful job to invest their time for the creation of new models. This GT-21 Invictus is the second in line. Earlier, Aspid got rewards and accolades to release Super Sports car. The GT-21 Invictus model is lengthier in shape and more durable. In an interview, the founder of the company has told reporters that his upcoming vehicle will give more space, security and comfort to travelers. This gigantic car will have sophisticated in-car accessories to design the vehicle. Engineers of Aspid have chosen an ultra-light space frame. The weather resistant aluminum has been used to build up the structure of the car. The overall weight of this aerodynamic performance based car is 990kg.

GT-21 Invictus is 700mmLx1883mmWx1226mmH. This upcoming vehicle will be equipped with a 4.4 liter turbo charged V8 power-train which is capable of generating 450hp. Dual clutch transmission systems have been also modified by applying the eco-friendly technology. The power smoothly travels transmission to wheels via servos. The run time of this vehicle is less than 3 seconds to cover 100km/h. At first, the company will produce only 250 doppelgangers commercially to test the response and trends in the market. Later, more new models will be released to spoon feed the market. All cars will have sophisticated street navigation accessories.

In the bright fluorescent light, it will be easier to drive the car. The soft squads are made of durable leather and foam to enhance the comfort and coziness. The dashboard, the glass windshield, wipers, the odometer, the tachometer and an updated climate checking display unit have been opted for to make the car more competent. The rate of fuel economy is good. The level of carbon emission is low. There is cowl shake in the compartment. The wonderful color of car is really attractive. It will make up the gap in the automobile industry.


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