2013 Ford C-MAX Energi – photos and details

2014 Ford C MAX Energi 1 2013 Ford C MAX Energi   photos and details

2014 Ford C MAX Energi 3 2013 Ford C MAX Energi   photos and details

C-MAX Energi will be seen soon in the showrooms. This glamorous car will have the efficiency to cover 550 miles per hour. Though this vehicle is still in the production unit, Ford has released few colorful snapshots in the net. Purpose of displaying images of the one-off model of C-MAX Energi car is to make people aware of the actual size and colors of the car.

This new upcoming vehicle has been engineered to overtake Toyota Prius hybrid model. In a press release, experts have expressed their opinions about features of the energy efficient model. The Energi model is equipped with a performance based 2.0 liter V4 powertrain, an e-motor and lithium ion batteries to upgrade the car. This result oriented engine has the capability to generate 188 horse power. It is a multi-purpose vehicle and its competency to cover 20 miles on e-mode is noticeable.

In this vehicle, you will find a 4.2 inch LCD display unit with Smart Gauge attachment for better performance. Last but not the least; you will be able to keep track the movement of your vehicle by operating MyFord mobile device. Experts have also installed ultra-modern in-car accessories to tune up the car. There will be an odometer and a speedometer to assist a car driver to operate the vehicle with accuracy.


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