2013 Ford Transit Custom – Dashing Car Features and details

2013 Ford Transit Custom 1 2013 Ford Transit Custom   Dashing Car Features and details

2013 Ford Transit Custom 3 2013 Ford Transit Custom   Dashing Car Features and details

Ford Transit Custom has the most unique feature. It has the terrific load taking ability. It is one of the muscular cars which are strong, reliable and durable. In an official statement, one of officers of the company has told journalists that this car must be the asset of a customer. It is a sophisticated vehicle with the compact street navigation system to bring speed and innovation to the technical tune-up. This vehicle is fuel economic and performance based.

At another interview session, CEO of Ford has admitted that this car will be one of the swiftest vehicles to outperform its rivals. So far so good that, the management of the company has had a growth oriented plan to expand the business by releasing more energy efficient doppelgangers for commercial usage. In between, several screenshots of the car have been published in the official website of the company. An updated tech spec report has been released stating the introduction of the upgraded tool and accessories in the construction of the car. While speaking at the public seminar, the official spokesperson has confirmed the installation of low level trapezoidal grilles, the superb fluorescent lamp bezels with glass protectors and air inlets. The large headlamps flow back few inches to bring a new style and innovation to decorate the compartment dynamically. Dampers are capable of checking flow of road friction by absorbing shock. Driveline accessories have been chosen only after the thorough modification.

The artistic craftsmanship is enhanced to redesign the car applying the dash of color shades to paint the compartment of the aerodynamic sleek vehicle. The tire bands are durable. The struts, axle bars and the power-train have been modified and upgraded. This is the car which has the excellent fuel efficiency and low carbon release tendency. Experts have put emphasis on the upgradation of large slide doors. There is huge space inside the cabin of the car. The slide door opening system is really excellent.


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