2013 Honda CR-V Vehicle with Upgraded Tune-up Features

2013 Honda CR V 2013 Honda CR V Vehicle with Upgraded Tune up Features

2013 Honda CR V 1 2013 Honda CR V Vehicle with Upgraded Tune up Features

Honda has announced regarding the release of new CR V cars with the availability of petrol and diesel fed power-trains. This upgraded vehicle has been made more environment friendly and fuel economic.

The tech spec reports have been updated once again to make people aware of the tune-up process and the presence of in-car accessories. A 2.2 liter i-DTEC diesel fed power-train has the competency to generate 148 hp and 350 NM torque. The carbon emission is at variance with power-train and gear box and automatic transmission. For 4×4 manual edition, the rate of fuel emission has decreased to 174g/km. The newly tuned two-wheel drive car releases 170g/km.

On the other hand, this car has a 1.6 liter turbo diesel engine which emits 118hp at the rate of 4000rpm.. This engine also delivers 300NM torque. This is the smart car which has been designed beautifully. The color contrast is charming. So far as the durability and efficiency of tire bands are concerned, the company has chosen the most reliable rubber bands to rim the wheelbases. The tire bands are capable of producing maximum traction to prevent the skid-off tendency. The axle bars are durable, strong and flexible. This is the vehicle which has the sophisticated street mapping devices. The climate checking tools, the rearview glass reflectors and the sun visors have also been installed. If you need space for getting relaxed sitting inside the compartment, this is one of the best car models. It is suitable to weekend trips and long distance expedition. The fluorescent headlamps release the bright light to bring minuscule objects under a focal point. The negative camber of the car wheels is higher. It helps drivers to steer wheels of the cars comfortably while facing the narrow lanes and curves of the streets. The torque generating accessories have been developed. This superb car has the durable chassis with better interlocking system. A good warranty is offered with the vehicle.


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