2013 Jaguar XJ e Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle

Jaguar XJ e Plug in Hybrid 2013 Jaguar XJ e Plug in Hybrid Vehicle

The switchover has not taken place in science and technology. In every sphere of human life, you will feel the presence of change to modify the basic format of personal lifestyle. Now, if you look back at Goodwood Festival which was slated to start on 28th June, you will have to admit that only modern technology mixed with artistic gloss can make the car a work of art.

XJ Hybrid is not a mere vehicle. It is an eco-friendly car with a superb curb appeal. The sharpness in exterior d├ęcor and glamour of the interior design of the vehicle are enhanced properly. Due to technical precision, this vehicle has been rebuilt fantastically to make it a real competitor in the global market. In terms of structural elegance, beauty, curb appeal and cool color contrasts produce a synergistic impact on the car design.

It is a hybrid car. It stands to reason; you will find an energy efficient drive-train kit which performs excellently. The hybrid technology saves fuel and it prevents the wastage of money. The hi-tech hybrid technology has been used by experts to upgrade this vehicle. Fund has been released by Technology Strategy Board UK via REEVolution project. The superb technology is promising and capable of making the aerodynamic car more fuel economic and performance based.

XJ_e vehicle has the PHEV system. This ultra-modern vehicle has been uploaded with a 2.0 liter turbocharged direct petrol fed power-train and an 8-speed automatic transmission. The horse power generating capability of this car is 329hp.

The hybrid car has the 12.8kWh lithium batteries to charge the engine. This powerful battery can run for a span of 4 hours at a long stretch. On e-mode, this concept vehicle can run smoothly to cover maximum 40km. Besides, there is a good provision for gasoline fueled engine. Recorded runtime is less than 6.5 seconds to cover 100kmh.

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