2013 McLaren MP4-12C Spider – Meant for Stylish Guys

2013 McLaren MP4 12C Spider1 2013 McLaren MP4 12C Spider   Meant for Stylish Guys

2013 McLaren MP4 12C Spider 3 2013 McLaren MP4 12C Spider   Meant for Stylish Guys

McLaren Automotive has made an short official declaration in relation to the upgradation of 12 C Spider vehicle. It has modified the drive-train and other accessories for the sake of proper tune up process. In an interview, the company’s secretary has pointed out that soon there will be new sets of dazzling cars which will run just like panthers.

12C Spider is a cabriolet with the convertible rooftop for the convenience of a person. This is the car which looks dashing and smart due to the application of sophisticated technology to tune up the car. It is a luxury convertible car. The fantastic sitting arrangement, a sophisticated infotainment and the compact street nav system have made the car more beautiful and eco-friendly.

A 3.8 liter V8 engine has the efficacy to generate 625 PS. The introduction of a 7-speed SSG dual clutch transmission system is very much remarkable in terms of proper technical configuration. The technical upgradation of the vehicle has been carried out using the advanced technology. If you check the interior section of the car, you will find hi-tech tools and devices to upgrade the car. Carbon fiber monocoque made chassis is used to build up the car.

As it is a convertible car, you will have the marvelous option to operate the rooftop which is retractable. There is a easy to care switch to keep rooftop up and low. The whole movement of the rooftop is smooth and it takes as low as 17 seconds to enhance the proper movement of the rooftop.

The color contrasts have been given a new dimension to make them more attractive. Ther are at least 15-17 colors like Volcano red to paint the exterior part of the car cabin. Both 12C and 12C Spider models have been engineered applying the latest technology. The Alcantara leather has been opted for to punch more clarity in the decoration of the whole compartment of this cabriolet car.


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