2013 Nissan Note Global Compact Car – Japanese Model-More Innovative in Curb Appeal and Style

2013 Nissan Note 2013 Nissan Note Global Compact Car   Japanese Model More Innovative in Curb Appeal and Style

2013 Nissan Note 1 2013 Nissan Note Global Compact Car   Japanese Model More Innovative in Curb Appeal and Style

Japan is a household name to automobile industry. Its electronic gadgets and infotainment systems are attractive, reliable and durable. Japan is known for its innovative technology to create hi-tech devices at low prices.

Nissan Note model has been shown at Osanbashi auto exhibition hosted in Japan. Local citizens residing in Yokohama gathered under an umbrella to watch the hands-on demo to know about the latest features and multi-functionalities of drive-train, street navigation accessories and the compact driveline kit.

To some extent, you can compare Note with Invitation Concept which was first displayed at Geneva auto exhibition this year. However, still you can claim that in terms of performance, style, design and smartness, this superb aerodynamic vehicle will entice teens discarding its hardcore rivals in its segment.

The earlier edition of Note was a type of multi-purpose vehicle. Though it got appreciation for beauty, speed and aggressive color contrast heat up young generation, this modified Note will be more dynamic and swifter. It will be a hatchback car with a compact colorful fuselage to give security, comfort and coziness to consumers. Now it can also be defined that this vehicle is one of the sexiest cars which have been made for busy executives, travelers and navigators.

In another statement, experts have stated that this concept vehicle will have an airy cabin which will be fully upgraded using the ultra-modern technology. Passengers will feel comfy to stay inside the compartment with comfort. They will be able to have breathable air because of the smooth entry of cool air via an adjustable rooftop spoiler. Besides, you will find a number of cost effective in-car accessories to make the car more presentable to people. Two 1.2 liter V3 petrol based power-trains will be available for the installation purposes. XTRONIC CVT and Idling Stop System will also be opted for to increase the speed, technical innovation, dynamism and perfection for the upgradation of the vehicle. 25.2 km/L is the recorded fuel economy. The risk of air contamination is low. The average curb appeal of the car has been increased by applying the fluidic design for the enhancement of the structural elegance. Around View Monitor (AVM) parking assistance system has been selected to tune up the vehicle. You must choose this car if you like to undergo any adventurous expedition and weekend trips. The interior design of the car is more attractive. The soothing color of the exterior part of the compartment of the car is nice.


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