2013 Opel Adam with Advanced Park Assist II

2013 Opel Vauxhall Adam 2013 Opel Adam with Advanced Park Assist II

Adam Opel will be a work of art. Its unique aerodynamic curb appeal, mind blowing color contrast, superb interior décor, and the highly glossy frame must bring smiles back to consumers.

Adam Opel is a miniature eco-friendly vehicle. Its razor sharp fluidic design and dashing interior decoration are highly appreciable. Now, this car will be more fuel economic and in terms of durability it overtakes its rivals.

The fact is that Fiat 500 and BMW’s Mini variants have been emulated to transform the fictitious figure into more constructive model. Due to smallness in shape, its weight is low. The multi-functional drive-train kit and the automatic transmission tool of the vehicle will be used to upgrade this small car. The format of exterior design of the vehicle has been changed a lot.

Advanced Park Assist II system is believed to be inserted into the vehicle to give enough scope to car drivers to park the vehicles at their own convenience. Inside the fuselage of the vehicle, you will find durable and colorful leather squads. There is no possibility to have injury at the time of occupying the seats inside the vehicle.

Adam Opel is a sophisticated car which makes good provision for child safety. The split benches inside the compartment are flexible and easy to handle. Your kids will feel comfy to sit on the benches in the rear compartment.

Experts have put extra emphasis on the color shades to pain the exterior texture of the new vehicle. SLAM, GLAM and JAM color classifications prove that this car must be smart, dashing and presentable to viewers. GLAM color will fulfill the requirements of upscale society. SLAM is meant for sportive design. The suppressed chassis of the car has punched flavor of aristocracy and elegance. This smart car must convince the car owners who always want modern cars at reasonable price.


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