2013 Seat Exeo Ecomotive Editions in Britain – More Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

2013 Seat Exeo Ecomotive Editions 2013 Seat Exeo Ecomotive Editions in Britain   More  Energy Efficient and Eco Friendly

Car manufacturers must pay heed to the environmental issues. The world must be protected from contamination and impurity. Now, when any company wants to manufacture and tune up vehicles, it must make the car more eco-friendly and fuel economic. Fuel must be saved. Recently, in a press brief, an official spokesperson of the company has stated that the older version of Audi A4 type Seat Exeo will be modified by experts for better presentation.

This upcoming car will be sold in the UK and later management of the company will think of selling cars in other European countries. The updated tech spec report has stated that the newly built Exeo Ecomotive will have a 2.0 liter capacitated TDI diesel engine plus a 6-speed manual gearbox. Two versions of this engine have the competency to generate 118hp and 141hp respectively.

Carbon emission rate is appreciable. Two versions of engine backfire 117g/km of CO2 and in addition the rate of fuel efficiency is 62.8mpg for the UK and 52.3mpg for US. It stands to reason, this magnificent aerodynamic car will have VED Band C permit which brings down taxes from $100 to $30. The reduction of BIK rating is pegged at 17%.

Ecomotive cars will have sophisticated drive-train fixtures along with very hi-tech street nav systems to increase the efficiency of the vehicles. Energy recovery system and durable Goodyear tire bands will be introduced to improve the condition of Ecomotive models. Morfeo wheelbases, dual zone climate checking display unit and voice alert systems have been used to upgrade 120 PS Exeo Ecomotive S which is available for £20,040 OTR. There will be both ST/Estate and sedan cars which will be available in the different trim levels like S, SE, SE Tech, Sport, and Sport Tech.. Beautiful color contrast and interior decoration of new models need to be taken into consideration while doing evaluation of Ecomotive.

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