2013 Suzuki Maruti Splash features and photos gallery

2013 Suzuki Splash photos 9 2013 Suzuki Maruti Splash features and photos gallery

2013 Suzuki Splash photos 3 2013 Suzuki Maruti Splash features and photos gallery

The SuzukiĀ  Splash Mini is certainly here to wow people. It provides a refreshing combination of style and comfort that Suzuki has always been praised for! The best part is the fact that the car will be sold for the same price, even though a lot of changes have been made to the design and performance of the car!

Both the front and the rear bumper of the car has been changed in styling. The bonnet and the grille have also been changed. The seating has been modified in terms of fabric and a wonderful graphite hue has been adopted. The change in the design of the bumper has made the car about 60mm longer, but the car still remains as compact as ever. The car will be available in a variety of colours- Silky Silver, Cosmic Black, Galactic Grey and Sparkling Blue (a new colour for this range).

The Suzuki Splash Mini is wonderfully compact which makes it easy to control and manoeuvre. It will be possible for a person to take this car into really small lanes or park them in really small parking slots as well. However, one should certainly not assume that the car does not provide enough space on the inside. There is enough room to seat five adults comfortably and there is luggage space at the back as well! There is also a thoughtful waterproof compartment under the rear luggage area.

The car comes in two engine forms- the Suzuki 68 VVT 1.0 litre or the Dual VVT 94 PS 1.2 litre. The former one is a three cylinder and the latter is a two cylinder model. The car offers for wonderful performance, it is packed with enough comfort and it is priced really reasonably. The one litre engine model is available for as cheap as 7,777 pounds!

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