2013 Ugur Design Alfa Romeo 12C GTS Tuned by Sahin

2012 Ugur Sahin Design Alfa Romeo 12C GTS 2013 Ugur Design Alfa Romeo 12C GTS Tuned by Sahin

Ugur Sahin has launched the one-off model of 2012 Ugur Sahin Alfa Romeo 12C GTS concept for the exhibition purpose. It will be a new car with lot of similarities with Alfa Romeo cars in line. If your memory is still fresh about the old cars of Romeo, you must be agreed that the upcoming models will be more dazzling, aerodynamic and properly tuned.

The technical specifications of 12C GTS model have been mentioned and explained properly. However, more technical details will be revealed later as a team of experts are still working hard to tune up the concept car for making it standard globally. At the same time, in another press release, one of the official spokespersons of the company has told reporters that the powertrain will be more or less same as that engine which was used in upgradation of Alfa Romeo vehicle. It has been decided that a 4.7 liter capacitated V8 engine is supposed to be used to upgrade the vehicle. This powertrain has the efficiency to deliver 444 horsepower and 354 pounds feet of torque. A 6-speed robotized gearbox has been installed into the car for better performance. The whole concept car has the upgraded power-train, the automatic transmission, the exhaust system, and the fully upgraded street nav attachment to help car owners to drive the vehicles comfortably even in complete darkness. The heart shaped grille, the borderless curve lines, and fluidic design have made the car more charming and high water mark. The glass screens of the vehicle are durable and transparent. The strong compartment of the vehicle is durable and weather resistant. The lighting fixtures which have been used to upgrade the vehicle are beautifully crafted.

This theme car will have glossy dash, air vents, retractable car seats, an ergonomic steering wheel, the glass reflectors and properly designed windshield. There is enough space inside the compartment of the car for housing a number of passengers on a single go. The color shade of the vehicle is charming and attractive.


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