2013 Vauxhall Adam – Car features and details

Vauxhall Adam 2013 2013 Vauxhall Adam   Car features and details

Vauxhall Adam 2013 3 2013 Vauxhall Adam   Car features and details

Vauxhall ADAM is a smart car which is suitable to high profile class. It is one of the best eco-friendly vehicles. In this connection, a team of specially trained tech experts have been hired to design the model.

This vehicle has three doors with four seaters option. Before its introduction to UK people, the newly built car model will be demonstrated at the upcoming Paris auto exhibition this year. For this reason, a number of changes have taken place to emulsify the car. Interior portion of this compartment has been upgraded through the proper utilization of modern equipments and in-car accessories.

Vauxhall Adam car will be decorated using the most hi-tech tools and equipments. The whole compartment has been made durable, attractive and presentable. The fact is that comparing to conventional fastback cars; this new model is four times powerful in rushing just like a blitz krieg. The drive-train accessories are superb in performance. The efficiency of torque generating device should be noticed during the evaluation process.

The touch of sophistication is ensured by introducing ultra-modern tools such as chrome grille bars, low height doors and the ergonomic door handlebars. The LED daytime running lamps produce the eye-adjustable beam to brighten up the streets. There are other features of the car.

Vauxhall ADAM has the energy efficient Eco FLEX V4 petrol fed power-train. A 1.2 liter capacitated engine produces 70PS. There is another 1.4 liter engine which is also capable of producing good torque for the activation of front and rear wheels. A 5-speed manual gear box is supposed to be used to upgrade the car in a more organized way.

The inner space of the boxy compartment of the vehicle has been utilized by installing retractable car seats, upholster covers, a dash, an odometer, a speedometer, expandable sun visors and the street mapping and nav systems. The car has low carbon emission rates. The curb appeal of this vehicle is really excellent. The dash of colors must be applied to increase attraction level of the car.


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