2014 BMW 2-Series with Full Fledged Upgradation

2014 BMW 2 Series Convertible 2014 BMW 2 Series with Full Fledged Upgradation

BMW has already released three and five door hatchback models in the market. There is also another F20 model which has been upgraded for sale in the domestic market. However, till now, no concrete facts and proof have been flashed in any site about the futuristic 2 Series.

After getting success in building up two door roofless cars. This ultra-modern 2 Series cabriolet vehicle is thin in shape. The exterior decoration of the vehicle has been done by a team of specially recruited engineers. Though it is unknown about the technical specifications of cars, it is becoming clear that new car will be convertible with the compact street nav system. There will be considerable space in the compartment of the cabriolet vehicle. Though, the complete technical information is yet to come to the editor, it has been reported by journalists of Auto Projeções that the upcoming vehicle will be topless with a fantastic compartment. There will be an ergonomic steering wheel, and the odometer to measure the distance of the car. Specialty in this new vehicle lies in the installation of the enlarged slide doors with escutcheons. The sloppy design is also a matter of attraction. This is the 2 Series vehicle which must be fuel economic. Tire bands are made of high quality rubber to produce good traction. You will find wonderful lighting fixtures which include the ultra-light bezels which flow back few inches for the sake of curb appeal of the car. A powerful automatic transmission and the complete drive-train will be introduced for upgradation of 2 series model.

This fantastic vehicle runs very swiftly. The negative camber is higher. Besides, you will find upgraded dampers to check the severe road friction by drawing up the shock more strategically. Emphasis is also thrown on the color contrast to beautify the roadster using the innovative technology.

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