2014 Jaguar C-X75 Supercar features and details

2014 Jaguar C X75 Supercar 2014 Jaguar C X75 Supercar features and details

2014 Jaguar C X75 Supercar 5 2014 Jaguar C X75 Supercar features and details

Jaguar didn’t felt it urgent to publish a tech spec report for helping consumers to build up their conception about the structural finish and technical configuration of C-X75 model. There was no information about the upgradation of power-train and other in-car accessories. However, after couple of months, the management of Jaguar has confirmed the introduction of performance oriented hybrid engine to upgrade the C-X75 model.

This new car will have all sorts of modern tools ranging from petrol and electric powertrains, an automatic transmission, the exhaustive system, a carbon diffuser, the hi-tech street monitoring device, dampers, and more energy efficient driveline attachment which are more durable, and accurate in providing the qualitative service. You
will find an amicable cool atmosphere inside the compartment of the vehicle. The hybrid vehicle is eco-friendly, fuel economic and more efficient to run in hissing sound.

There are properly tuned in-car accessories which have been reformatted for the sake of the compact technical tune-up of the car. 200 kg weighty batteries provide 60 km mileage on a single recharge. This hybrid car is also aerodynamic. The level of scuttle tremor in the front compartment of the car is comparatively low. A 1.6 liter V4
power-train can rev 10,000rpm. Besides, there are two electric motors for generating power.



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