2014 Kia K3 Sedan features and photos

2014 Kia K3 Sedan 1 2014 Kia K3 Sedan features and photos

2014 Kia K3 Sedan 2 2014 Kia K3 Sedan features and photos

Kia is a South Korean automaker and its previous performance is so excellent that consumers are waiting for their favorite cars launched by Kia. More exciting news is waiting for South Korean citizens who love Kia only for its creation and technological supremacy to upgrade cars.

Kia is ramping up to launch the eco-friendly K3 vehicle in the market. However, what is in a name? In North America, Kia K3 model will be popular under the title of 2014 Forte. In other international markets, the same model will be known as Cerato. However, this South Korean company prefers the hide and seek policy to play tricks with its hardcore rivals. Before the release of the upcoming model, the company is not ready to spell anything informative and relevant to the context.

On the other hand, Kia has owned up responsibility by showcasing an one-off model of Kia3 through a detachable box. A sophisticated cam has been placed inside the box to display the car live. Now, you will have to depend on these live pictures and still snapshots of the ultramodern sleek model.

This fantastically designed model will be placed in the market only after the modification. However, depending on the live coverage and multicolored photos of this concept car, you can build up your conception about the theme vehicle which will be marketed by 2014.

To be frank, it is not sufficient for a viewer to update his mind only by watching video clips and still pictures. Everyone is waiting for the tech spec reports and proper information in this regard. However, experts opine that the upcoming vehicle will be dashing, eco-friendly, fuel economic and durable. Hi-tech street navigation system will be used to enhance the compact tune-up process. This is the vehicle which must be spacious and performance based. The K3 logo on the plate attached to the front face of the car is glossy and more prominent.


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