Ferrari F12 Berlinetta to be launched in 2013

2013 ferrari f12 berlinetta 3 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta to be launched in 2013

2013 ferrari f12 berlinetta 2 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta to be launched in 2013

The wait is finally over. Ferrari has unveiled its eagerly awaited F12 Berlinetta that will replace the ageing fleet of Ferrari 599 GTB Fionaro. It’s lined-up to make its debut globally at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

The exterior is a free flowing artistic design, being the combination of Ferrari’s Styling Center and long time design partner Pininfarina. It has some resemblance to the Ferrari FF and Ferrari California. The Berlinetta is a beast .To give a high performance the wheelbase has been shortened. To lower the center of gravity further back, 54 % towards the rear, the layout of the rear suspension and gearbox has been modified. To make the car compact it’s 2 inches shorter and 7/10 inch narrower than its predecessor. Its also 360 pounds lighter, being designed by Scaglietti, who have used 12 different alloys for the chassis and body shell. The headlights are less elongated, much like that of the 458 Italia .It’s rear looks racy like that of a F1 car.

The 6262cc 65 V12 engine produces 740 HP, with its 12-cyclinder at 8500 RPM, coupled 508 Lb-ft-torque at 6000 RPM . That’s an increase of 120 Hp over the 599 GTB. Not only that it is 30 percent more fuel efficient. Like an F1 machine its got dual-clutch gearbox which the powers the it from 0-60 mph in just 3.1 seconds and can reach a top-speed of 211 mph.

Specifications of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta :-

Length*width*height: 181.1 in*76.5 in*50.1 in

Power: 740 Horse Power

Torque: 508 lb-ft@6000 RPM

Engine: 65-Degree V12

Maximum speed: 340 Kmph

0-60 mph: 3.1 seconds

Transmission: 7 speed Dual-clutch

Launch date: 2013

The launch is slated to be in 2013, so there’s a bit wait before you get behind the wheel of Ferrari most powerful car ever.


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