Force Motors Release 2012 One SUV – A Review

2012 Force One SUV Force Motors Release 2012 One SUV   A Review

Force Motors has already launched few growth oriented projects to bring both innovation and sophistication in the upgradation of sports utility vehicles. For more than two years, this type of experiment has been on to spoon feed the automobile industry.

Now Force Motors has decided to release another SUV model which will be more dashing, cute and durable. The energy efficiency level of this vehicle is appreciable.

This sports utility vehicle has been upgraded by installing more result based a powertrain attachment, an automatic transmission, an exhaust system, the compact street nav systems and a climate checking tool. A durable 2149cc diesel fed engine has been installed after modification. The engine set-up has been done with perfection. It generates maximum 141 brake horse power. 321 NM torque generated by the power-train of the vehicle is excellent.

In a press release, a car reviewer has claimed that the newly built car is the facsimile of Foday Explorer which has its Chinese originality in terms of curb appeal and interior decoration. Furthermore, it is little bit costly comparing to Scorpio or Safari. The initial price of Force One vehicle is something around 10.65 lakhs in Delhi) and Rs. 11.11 lakhs for Mumbai ex-showroom.

The company has declared so far that every year, this new car model will be produced in a batch of 12000 units for commercial usage. On the other hand, it has also been announced by the company that this is the sports utility vehicle which has speed, dynamism, efficiency and durability. The aggressive design of the car is eye-catching. However, to top it all, you will find a good many sophisticated in-car décor accessories which have been inserted and assembled in a scientific way. For instance, retractable car seats, upholster covers, a dash, rearview glass reflectors, sun visors, an ergonomic steering wheel, small cubby under the dashboard and the glass windshield. There are other interior décor accessories.

This SUV model is now available in 6 and 7 seaters. There is more space inside the compartment. One can easily keep glued to squad for prolonged period of time. The plush leather upholsters are glossy, brilliant and weather resistant. Fresh air is circulated inside the fuselage of the vehicle. Through the small vent like rooftop spoiler, the cool air enters into the compartment to refresh the body and mind of a passenger. Dual AC vent accessories, electronic infotainment and the hi-tech odometer have been chosen for the decoration of the vehicle. There are other features like an updated tachometer, a speedometer and the binnacle. The expandable sun visors guard eyes from sunlight. The slide non retractable quarter glass screens are transparent. There are also washers to erase water runnels and dew drops off the glass windshield. The start and stop systems have been made more dynamic and flexible. There is no cowl shake in the car. You won’t feel disturbed while driving your smart vehicle via streets. The headlamp bezels have been located at the right angle. Better to say, for the sake of perfect structural elegance, experts have used the most advanced technology and car design to make it a success. Same thing is also applicable to the decoration of the cockpit of the car. Power-train, dampers, carbon diffusers and the automatic transmission have been given special care for better outlook and presentation. This sports utility vehicle is eco-friendly, fuel efficient and beautifully crafted. This D segment vehicle is 4860 mm L X 1780 mm W X1885mm H. Diesel is the fuel which is used to activate the vehicle. There is enough space inside the rear wagon station. The tailboard LED lamps emit soft light which is eye adjustable. There are fantastic grille, air inlets, bezels and of course boot lid. The drag-in engine co-efficiency rate is low and therefore this sports car can run even in rough weather.


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