Ford to Upgrade 2013 Focus ST with EcoBoost Power-train

2013 Ford Focus ST Ford to Upgrade 2013 Focus ST with EcoBoost Power train

2013 Ford Focus ST 2 Ford to Upgrade 2013 Focus ST with EcoBoost Power train

Ford has declared that there will be more fuel economic vehicles by the end of 2013. However, in-between, there is another official announcement regarding the release of Focus ST with hatchback option.

This new car model is extremely beautiful and suitable to high profile class. Modern people will enjoy the car driving. On the other hand, there are many hi-tech tools to tune up the car. For instance, the introduction of EcoBoost power-train has been opted for to develop the car. The powerful engine has the efficiency to generate 252 hp and 270 pound feet torque.

In the press release, one of the official spokespersons has told reporters that the EcoBoost power-train has the ability to consume the less fuel. Experts have specifically confirmed the car’s ability to return EPA estimated 10.2lt/100km for city driving whereas the fuel economy is 32mpg for the highway driving.

In another report, CEO of the company has claimed that in term of swiftness and energy efficiency, this aerodynamic vehicle must outperform its rivals. The properly decorated vehicle has the excellent nav systems to help a car driver to drive the vehicle with accuracy. Besides, there are expandable sun visors to protect eyes from scorching sunlight. The leather seats are soft and durable. There are glass reflectors and the dashboard to decorate the interior portion of the car. The wipers are attached to the windshield of the car. These washers are operated to erase the raindrops competently. You will have the magnificent chance to drive this fashionable car to get unlimited fun. The tire bands have the low inclination to skid off the road. If you overhaul the interior portion of the vehicle, you will come into contact with glossy car squads. The in-car accessories have been chosen through several tests. The charismatic glow of the car is eye-catching. The sophisticated infotainment system is extremely efficient and up to the mark.


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