Go green with the 2013 Infiniti M35h GT

2013 Infiniti M35h GT Go green with the 2013 Infiniti M35h GT

Infiniti M35h GT is a new version of the record breaking car that wowed people with its wonderful performance and environment friendliness. This is one of the best hybrid saloons in the market and this model takes over from the previous Infiniti V6 model. The car is priced at £41,101, which is about thee thousand bucks cheaper than the M35H GT Premium model.

This car will be out on the roads by July 2012. The new modelling and the wonderful pricing has made this car one of the favourites this year. There has also been a lot of changes in the kind of performance and functions offered in the car, making the car generally smoother to handle and control.

The entry model of the Infiniti M35h GT certainly leaves no room for improvement. They have not compromised anything when it comes to reaching to a large market and providing a car that has reduced carbon emissions. This model falls below the 160g/km threshold. One should keep in mind that while this car will certainly make you environmentally conscious, it will also reduce the amount you spend on your car after the purchase, which is always an important thing to focus on.

This car comes with a ton of other wonderful features- there is a Connectiviti+ system for both navigation and entertainment at the price of 1800 bucks a year. Forest Air® climate control system also comes integrated.

This model will come with larger alloy wheels than the previous model, sports suspension, 4- Wheel Active Steering, black- lacquer trim for the cabin, etc. This model was a best seller in the Premium models section of Infiniti, so it is definitely a car to look forward to. It comes with a lot of safety technology, cruise control etc. which promise a wonderful ride.


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