Jaguar to Release New Cylinders and Powertrains for USA

2013 Jaguar XJ Jaguar to Release New Cylinders and Powertrains for USA

Jaguar is one of the sought-after British automakers. It has released many light weight vehicles for Britishers and American consumers. However, this time, you will come to find a new set of properly designed vehicles with modified drive-train kits. You will get chances to drive the car without wallowing in hollowness of insecurity and stress.

Jaguar has gifted new powertrains to the USA. A 2.0 liter turbo-charged four cylinders and an energy efficient 3.0 liter super-charged V6 gasoline fed power-train were manufactured to build up aerodynamic models for American customers.

In a news release, one of spokespersons of the company has revealed that the new aerodynamic cars will be more fuel economic with fully developed driveline accessories, and a compact drive-train. At the same time, Jaguar has finalized the deal with American government to release V8 engines to capture the regional market in America.

The easy to handle 2.0 liter 14 power-train plus direct fuel injection have been developed to generate 240hp. 2013MY XF model will be equipped with result oriented V8 powertrains and the cylinders to enhance the compact technical upgradation with the touch of sophistication. Experts have also stated that more competent and powerful engine will be introduced to F-Type vehicle. Simultaneously, modified V6 engine with 340 hp generating capacity will be installed into the models like 2013MY XF and XJ saloons.

These new power-trains will have excellent warranty schemes. You will find that cars will face the least technical snarl and disorder after running several miles at a long stretch. Experts will give the finishing touch to the new engines before introducing them to American customers.

In a press conference, experts have stated that newly built engines will save fuel and minimize the wastage. Upcoming cars will have glossy performance records which are appreciable. The technical specification has been mentioned in a brochure published by the company few days back.


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