Sambar Open Deck with Flat Bed with Hi-tech Driveline

SUBARU SAMBAR OPEN DECK Sambar Open Deck with Flat Bed with Hi tech Driveline

Sambar Open Deck van can be compared with PVH, VB and HR and VC vehicles which are beautiful both in design and color contrasts. If you check the published snapshots in the official sites, you will come to unearth many secrets regarding the new Sambar Open Deck.

The flat bed of the compartment of the truck creates an innovative structural elegance. However, this eco-friendly vehicle accommodates 4 passengers on a single go. The tech spec report has been flashed in internet. You can check the content to be familiar with different technical features of this vehicle. Open Deck is the truck which is light in weight.

An energy-efficient 660cc petrol fed power-train is also connected with a durable 5-speed manual gearbox. The 4-speed automatic transmission ensures the transfer of torque from the engine via servos to the car wheels. This truck has two and four drive wheels to bring more dynamism to the vehicle. DOHC with 3 cylinders and 12 valves has been chosen for the proper technical upgradation. There are total five doors to give good space and chance to passengers. The color contrast of the vehicle is good. The front lighting fixtures of the truck are durable.

Price range of this truck is 1,318,900 Yen (US$14,100-16,500 / €11,400-13,400). This is one of the advanced eco-friendly vehicles to give security and comfort to truck owners. This Open Deck has the odometer and a tachometer. Inside the compartment of the car, you will find the retractable car seats, the ergonomic steering wheel and leather accessories for the sake of interior decoration. Experts have claimed that there is no cowl shake in the compartment. Tire bands are durable. Dampers have been technically developed to check the overall road friction by sucking the shock. The glass screens of the car have been attached to the slide doors. The air inlets, grilles, a spoiler and carbon diffuser have also been installed into the truck.


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